Lakitu Soundboard: Mario Kart 8

Play all of the sounds and noises that Lakitu makes while racing on Mario Kart 8, of the Nintendo Wii U. Also plays the Sunshine Airport Theme.

Super Princess Peach Sprite Sheets - DS

28 Sprite Sheets have been added for Super Princess Peach of the Nintendo DS. The new sprites are of Peach, Enemies, Backgrounds, and more.

Sonic Rescue Mario 3

Mario is being held prisoner once again, and it's up to his good buddy Sonic to save him.

Super Mario Bros. Soundboard

Play all of the music and sound effects from the original NES version of Super Mario Bros. including 1-up, power-up, coin, warp pipe, life lost, game over, vine, level clear, and much more.

Mario Love Adventure

Mario must collect all the hearts, while overcoming obstacles and traps to make his way to Princess Peach.

Mario Protect

A Tower Defense game in which Mario must shoot the enemies.

Mario Kart Legend

A game based off of the original Super Mario Kart.

Wario Blast Sprite Sheets - Game Boy

10 Sprite Sheets have been added for Wario Blast of the Nintendo Game Boy. There are sprites of Wario, Bomberman, Enemies, Tiles, and more.

Mario Missile Challenge

Mario must collect the coins, while avoid getting hit by Bullet Bill.